LVS​-​04 :: Poster, "I Love Heroin" b​/​w "Better Something"

by Poster

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released July 11, 2016

recorded by poster in late 2015
mixed and mastered by jackson scott
artwork edited by dylan colon



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Love Heroin
Father, father hear my sin
I got heroin under my skin
I stop the pulse if it ever begins
Forever dripping down upon
the moment of waking

Love is wonderful, love is pure
Love is something that you cant ignore
I've got my love and you've got yours
To me, love is something that you're
longing for

And I love heroin

No more pulling your legs around
I've got seven little friends that make a unique sound
It starts with the spark of your favorite moment
and ends with the swelling of the blue ocean

Father, father this is my sin
It's such a shame that you won't join in
But, like I said (and I think that you'll find)
You've got yours and I've got mine
Track Name: Better Something
Tried to get up when I thought I should've
But I found that I couldn't freeze

Hide your feet neat under wet sand
You've got your wet hands

He sees her coming
Straight for his veins

Hide when you think that you're not understood
I think you'd try it if you could - to sew
Try doing something when you know you should
I think it'd do you good -
but we know