LVS​-​03 :: Honeyuck, "best thought" b​/​w "just like honey"

by Honeyuck

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released May 30, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: best thought
you're not my type
but there's something about you i like
you've got me feelin'
and my brain won't quit repeatin'

first thought, best thought
so it's no surprise i think of you a lot
trying not to stare
but it's so surreal you're sittin in my chair
talking to me
mannerisms heavenly
you've got me singin'
and everyday i keep repeatin'

and there's something i want to ask you
but i don't know how to.......

would it be weird if
i gave you a kiss?

there's something telling me that it is
your hand that i should be holding so,

would it be weird if
i kissed you for the hell of it?

it's nothing personal
i just like the way you've shown
me your soul.....